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First Preview of Sanam's Garba & Wedding Day

{courtesy of K.I. Weddings and Epique Cinema}


An article on Dallas Pinup, Shoshana Portnoy, and LaDonna Stein

{courtesy of Dallas Observer Blogs}

Ashley's Shoot with Mannon Pictures

Makeup by Kaia Bellanca

Rebecca's Trial Run

Hair by LaDonna Stein, Makeup by Sarah Downs

{at Dallas Pinup}

An article on Kaia Bellanca Beggs

{courtesy of Dallas Observer Blogs}

An interview with LaDonna Stein

{courtesy of Girlco/Renevatio Productions}

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The "Marilyn Monroe" Makeover by LaDonna Stein

{at Dallas Pinup}

CMC Makeup School Instructor Video,

Behind the Scenes with Amber Lynne

{courtesy of CMC Makeup School, Trevor Garza, Travis G. Lilley Photography}



Behind the Scenes Photoshoot with Amber Lynne on Makeup and Hair

(final pic also featured on Kett Cosmetics)

{courtesy of Vu Man Photography/Videography}


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